A patent indicates that players could tag others in the video they have shared, so they can play a small demonstration of the game in question.

Sony has registered a new patent that will allow players to enjoy video games together in a different way: videos that are shared on the PlayStation Network can also be played, but not to watch them, but to play. That means that tagged players can play that little demonstration of the game in question.

Sony’s ‘scene tagging’

Sony’s patent expresses the following: “In particular, scene tagging is used to characterize user-generated content associated with game information associated with videogames. User-generated content includes video recordings or screenshots of video game screen, which belong to events that have occurred. The metadata associated with user-generated content will allow viewers to experience the same content that has been recorded. “

This patent would be related to the patent that states that players can create their own demos and upload them to the PlayStation Network, as they point out from Tweaktown. We already knew how this proposal worked when Google Stadia was introduced: Dylan Cuthbert, president and CEO of Q-Games, said that State Share functionality allowed developers to convert different points of the game into a kind of web “hyperlink”, which allowed users to join specific moments of the game as if they clicked on an Internet link.

In the case of Sony, however, it seems that it is rather the players themselves who create those “moments” to share on the PlayStation Network, and thus invite their friends to play that piece of a video game they have shared. Of course: it must be remembered that, as with all patents, the final product may be subject to changes or, directly, not reach anything. For now, we must wait for Sony itself to confirm the launch of this system.

The arrival of PlayStation 5

The next Sony console aims to reach the market at Christmas 2020, and will have an architecture composed of an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 with 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as SSD hard drives that has served for the company to rate its new platform as “the fastest in the world”. In addition, PS5 will use an AMD Navi GPU that will be compatible with the revolutionary ray tracing technology, which allows you to enjoy a much more realistic image in video games.