Congratulations on birthday, take care of BB as if it were a baby, MULAS or Guillermo del Toro recommending to see The Shape of Water are some of them.

Hideo Kojima has been very careful not only when designing Death Stranding, but also when thinking about all the details that make the game experience as fun as it is realistic. From Vandal we have all the Easter Eggs that we found amazing about Death Stranding, and that you can enjoy below:

Death Stranding and its secrets

Hideo Kojima wants his players to feel at home when they take charge of Death Stranding. That is why, for example, our birthday can also be celebrated in the game: when we wake up, we will find a birthday cake waiting for us at the table. In addition, when going outside, Clifford Unger (Mads Mikkelsen) will also remember that we turn years and will give us a bouquet of flowers with wink included. BRIDGES employees themselves will also send us their congratulations, and every time we shout our name in the game world, they will respond by wishing us a happy birthday.

The details of Death Stranding are also designed to make our journey through this post-apocalyptic world more realistic: the force of the wind will affect our balance and our movements; while Sam (Norman Reedus) will adapt his arms and feet to the ground on which he is walking. In fact, MULAS will also face difficulties if the terrain is slippery or very steep.

Detail of the MULAS

Another curious detail of the MULAS is that, although when they see us they will launch for us, we will stop being interesting as soon as they perceive that we do not carry cargo with us. At that time, they will signal us with their weapons so that we can get out of there, without reaching for a confrontation. Speaking of enemies: the dangerous and ghostly BTS can be defeated if we urinate on them.

The BB, the little one who accompanies us during the game, is also noteworthy: we invite you to be attentive to his animations, because the BB will want to imitate everything we do. If he sees us swimming, for example, he will also try to do it. Also, when he cries, we can use the odradek as if it were the mobile toy of a crib to calm him.

These are some of the curiosities you can find in Death Stranding, including the film director Guillermo del Toro – who plays Deadman – recommending his acclaimed film The Shape of Water. You can find all the Easter Eggs in the video that we have left you above. And, if you want to know more details of games like God of War, The Last of Us, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Bloodborne, you can visit our playlist in the following link.