Designed by Lone Pine, it seeks to convey the classic feeling of simulation and management games but with a somewhat more current look.

City simulators were very popular in the 1990s, with SimCity being the most predominant video game of the genre. With the passage of time, the saga was receiving sequels that increased the spectacular, the mechanics or the graphic section, but something stayed in the way. Cities Skylines took over, but although it improved a lot, it still didn’t offer that usual nostalgia shot in the Will Wright classic series. This version, called New Cities, which seeks financing in indiegogo, seeks to recapitulate and return to the past with a version that recovers that spirit and offers an addictive challenging gameplay. With a campaign that seeks to raise 9087 euros, it has already opened its micro-patronage campaign.

From a small town to a big city

New Cities proposes something as simple as it is difficult: to convert a small settlement of houses and farms into a huge metropolis. As mayors, we can manage our city with total freedom – and impunity -, choosing the roads we create more convenient, transforming our rural community into a gigantic city full of skyscrapers. There are no problems, there are no members of the town hall that hit us. According to Lone Pine, we will have absolute power to select controversial measures, discard them and reuse them when we believe them to be correct, without usual restrictions in other simulators.

On the other hand, this does not mean that New Cities does not have very careful details or aspects. For example, we can look for each inhabitant and business of our city with dedication, because the video game will offer different names, lives and professionals to give credibility to the simulation, as well as our own routines, which will offer us details of leisure, private or work life, allowing us to observe their movements through our huge city. With emphasis on traffic and roads, the videogame will include a system of communication construction and intuitive circulation, as well as the possibility of building parks, schools and a good number of public and private facilities that give life and cover the basic services for our inhabitants

Budget in New Cities is fundamental

The budget in New Cities is fundamental, and for that we will have to take care of the income and the financial system, including taxes, announcing massive collections or looking for ways to stimulate the economy in the city in different ways. The videogame will reward the most creative users, both in the construction of skyscrapers and neighborhoods and residential areas, as well as offering us such special elements of SimCity’s past as natural disasters and the like – without extraterrestrial invasion-style strokes – but with emphasis on economic recessions or similar, an aspect that gives another degree of realism to a videogame that seeks to maintain its roots in the past at an aesthetic and playable level, but without forgetting the future.

It will arrive on PC in 2020 and will soon have a private alpha for backers who decide to support the project.


81 charactersNew Cities is a SimCity full of possibilities that seeks financing 


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Designed by Lone Pine, it seeks to convey the classic feeling of simulation and management games but with a somewhat more current look.