The development of Microsoft Flight Simulator is accompanied by a few videos that explain the advances and technologies they are using. A development linked to a community of Insiders who are contributing their grain of sand for which, without a doubt, will be the most ambitious and spectacular simulator of the license. In a new video that helps us learn about the details of the proposal, Microsoft Flight Simulator introduces us to the aircraft cabin.

In this fourth chapter of the video series on the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator, we are introduced to the aircraft cabin, which is one of the fundamental parts of this experience. And, although we can enjoy the magnificent graphic section from an external camera, as a good simulator how beautiful it is to live the experience from the cockpit.

Ultra realistic gameplay

Needless to say, the cabins or cockpits are going to be ultra realistic. In the first place, they are exact representations of real models, to which, in addition, they are added a detailed technical section seeking visual realism. The vast majority of cabins are full of instrumentation, which has been extracted and represented in the smallest detail. Beyond this, there are a lot of indicators for the different elements of the plane that will work, as it should be. Whether for battery status, altitude, oil pressure or temperature, all instruments on each aircraft will be represented and functional.

From simpler airplanes, to the most high-tech ones, the interiors, including their lighting, have been recreated to make them look real. One more step in a technical section that has left us speechless for its extraordinary ability to offer a practically realistic result. But also, not only is talking about the cockpit, it also seeks to recreate the interior of some passenger planes with the same fidelity. Taste lies in the detail, and it is seen that Microsoft Flight Simulator has exquisite taste.

Dedication of Asobo Studios

From here, demonstrated the dedication of Asobo Studios to offer a complete experience, one that satisfies the most demanding simulation lovers. But it doesn’t seem like this has to deter newbies. In all areas Microsoft Flight Simulator is exposed as the future reference of the genre. A broad genre, with lots of games linked to different fields. They even have important plans to make this experience support for Virtual Reality.

For now, the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator is focused on PC, knowing that its intention is to take it to the console later. We will have to follow this development closely, especially to discover one of the most ambitious proposals that will reach Xbox, and also, directly through the Xbox Game Pass.