We will give you the reason why you should always have a shotgun in the first slot of the inventory in Fortnite chapter 2, since the console players will thank you.

As you know, computer users always have an advantage when playing Fortnite due to the versatility and efficiency offered by a mouse and keyboard. Still, console players in Fortnite must seek life to try to shorten this advantage of PC users, and the first step is to always put the shotgun in the first slot of objects.

Perhaps you have never thought about why equip a shotgun in the first slot in Fortnite chapter 2, but we are going to give you the reason why pro players do this.

Why you must equip a shotgun in the first object slot in Fortnite Chapter 2

To begin with, since the first season of Fortnite premiered a long time has passed, and users have specialized with what is not easy to obtain victories. In fact, the best Fortnite players in the world enjoy this playable computer experience, so if you want to win championships you must play it in compatible games.

In any case, if you do not like to play on PC or your computer is not good enough to move it with a high refresh rate, you will have to enjoy it on the console.

It doesn’t matter what weapons you have in the inventory, since always after exiting the edit mode you will return to your first slot and it is clear that, for example, having a sniper rifle in the first slot may not be the best idea. The fact of having a shotgun in the first slot is because it is the most important and efficient short and medium distance weapon.

Editing mode

With this, after exiting for example the editing mode, we will have an ideal weapon to get out of any trouble against another user and without having to press an additional button to reach other spaces of the inventory.

There are other players who usually put the shotgun in second place in the inventory, but they must execute an additional second press to get there, which could cause them to lose a thousandth of a second in a match.

If you have been playing Fortnite a lot, you will probably always put the shotgun in the first place, but if you have doubts about it, try looking at pro players on YouTube to find out the position of the type of weapons in their inventory, and you will see that the shotgun It is always preeminent.