It’s time to review the free games of the weekend. On this occasion they are few (only two), but that does not make them less interesting. To brighten up your weekend even more, you will be able to download for free nothing more and nothing less than Overwatch and Rayman Legends.

Friday is for many the most anticipated time of the week. The arrival on Friday means that we are about to enter a world of freedom, waiting for us two days to see what we don’t want, read whatever we want and of course play whatever we want. There is the possibility that you have to work this weekend (or worse: do overtime), in which case Friday is actually the worst. Cheer up (and make sure you charge those extra hours properly).

For people who enter Hobby Consoles, Friday has a special look: it’s the day we talk about free games! A video game page sharing information about free video games, is there anything better? Hardly. On this occasion, the selection does not shine for its quantity … But that will not prevent us from encouraging your weekend. Neither that nor anyone!

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But although Fridays are important for many people, this is especially special for four people. We will not say your names because you know perfectly well who you are (and because perhaps it is a crime, and as things are better not to play it). All we are going to say is: thank you. Thanks for being there. Thanks for reading some words that we took for granted that absolutely nobody read (how good to be wrong). And above all, thank you for spending a small part of your time to brighten someone who needed it on Friday. You are better than all the free games in the world.


You might already know (the main image and the headline have betrayed us), but Overwatch is free right now, and it will be for the whole weekend. It is one of the usual free tests that Blizzard people do from time to time to get people who have not tried the hero shooter (is there anyone left?) To dive head first. And after the announcement of Overwatch 2, it seems a good time to shoot (or do it again). You have until December 4.

Rayman Legends

What would these reports be without the offers of the Epic Games store? As you think about the answer, you’ll be glad to know that this weekend’s game is the fantastic Rayman Legends, 2D platforms from Ubisoft and sequel to the also fantastic Rayman Origins. We highly recommend it if you have not tried it (musical levels are the most), and if yes, too. At the time of writing these words is not yet available, but it is likely to happen soon. We leave the link for you to have on hand.