If sales forecasts are met, after the Black Friday Nintendo Switch will become the second best-selling video game console in the world, behind PS4 and ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One for the first time. A week before the Black Friday deals were activated, the three consoles were as follows; First, PlayStation 4, as of November 23, 2019, had sold 102,500,000 units, and dominated with 54.1% of the global market. (Source: Vgchartz).

In second place (last week) was Xbox One (this is an aggregate that includes all models: Xbox One S, All digital and Xbox One X) with 44,000,000 consoles sold worldwide and a 23 , 2% of the market. Nintendo Switch followed closely (both the normal model and the Lite model) with 43 million units and 22.7% of the market. But as we said above, sales do not yet consider Black Friday units.

Black friday helps to overtake

With the offers and sales of these dates (the Friday after Thanksgiving) there may be a change in the second position. Two trends must be taken into account. On the one hand, throughout the year, Nintendo Switch has been the console that has seen the greatest increase in sales worldwide. There are different reasons, such as the thrust of games like Pokémon Sword and Shield, Luigi´s Mansion 3, Astral Chain or The Legend of Zelda Link´s Awakening Remake. And we must also take into account other factors, such as the launch of the new Switch Lite model, for portable gaming.

If we check the sales of consoles on Black Friday in Amazon Spain, Nintendo Switch is in positions 22.46 and 96 in different packs. PS4 for its part, is in positions 14,18,55,59 and 80 with their corresponding “bundle” and Xbox One does not appear among the 100 best sellers. But if we do the same check in the USA, through Nintendo Switch occupies the first place, in addition to 38, 42,48 and 69.

Position in Amazon

In Amazon United States Xbox One is placed in positions 3, 5, 6, 12, 41 and 56, while PS4 remains in positions 21, 52, 53 and 94. Console sales data will not be known until next time week, but surely they will become one of the star products on these dates. We remind you of the official Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One packs during these Black Friday sales.

In Spain, PS4 is available from 199.95 euros and Sony has reduced 100 euros all the packs of its console. For its part, Nintendo Switch can be obtained from 329 euros with a LABO Kit and a game (219 euros the Lite model with a game). The best offer of Xbox One is the Xbox One S All Digital model with three games for 129 euros.